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Exercise and nutrition tips to ease jet lag

Jet lag is a dreaded feeling among frequent fliers. It is not exclusive to them, as anyone who travels long distance via airlines will experience some form of jet lag. A solution to this unfortunate feeling comes in handy especially when there is a meeting to catch. Here are four things to do as part of your flying routine to ensure instances of adverse jet lag effects are behind you. After following these exercise and nutrition tips to ease jet lag, you lower the chance of temporarily throwing off your circadian rhythm that regulates your sleep. In other words, you will go back to your regular sleep and waking patterns fast.tyhnrg4t3r

Easy ways to ease jet lag

Change the time on your watch

Change your watch to the time zone of your destination so that you will already feel what to do next. The mind is perceptive, and you need to set your watch just when you are about to board the plane so that when you wake up after a nap inside the aircraft, you will not confuse yourself with a time that does not resemble your present time zone.

Stimulate the experience

If you expect to arrive late and in time for sleeping, consider sleeping while you are on a flight. You will arrive when your body is already responsive to the sleep times of the city. On the other hand, if you are leaving at night and will be arriving during the day when you need to be most active, then it is best to keep relaxing, and possible take naps before the travel begin so that you get there refreshed.

Stay hydrated before and after you fly

Hydration keeps the body metabolic system in check. It also reduces fatigue and keeps you alert. Body hydration is also a good thing when it prevents you from the need to break your sleep to fetch a beverage while on a flight. However, be wary of drinking too much beverage as it can lead to lots of trips to the washroom. Thus, just drink enough to quench your thirst and stay with a bottle of water for when you might need it.

Move around after every stop

Some long flights include frequent stops at airports. If your flight has these stops, then make no mistake of leaving the plane and going to the waiting lobby to sit for hours. Try to walk around the airport so that you stimulate blood flow. Too much sitting and sleeping in one position stiffens you and makes it too hard for you to recover from the flight and beat jet lag.

Eat easy to digest foods

345ty432Make sure you eat white meats that are easy to digest and starch that has very little fiber content. You can consume light vegetables and probably avoid fruits that require you to eat the skin. Your aim should be to reduce the digestion burden on your stomach. You want most of your body to be relaxed while the energy demand levels of the digestive system are low.

Follow the few exercise and nutrition tips to ease jet lag. They are time-tested. Furthermore, they introduce no additives and work to improve your overall well-being.

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